What is Right to Manage [RTM]?

Inspirational help when it's most needed


Things in life don't always work out as they should do, so having someone on board who can offer inspirational advice and guidance can be a real help. I work with a specially selected team of advisors who provide professional, independent advice, guidance and support on every aspect of property management.

The expertise I have gained over the years as a business development and property management consultant has given me a trained eye to see the problems, and the creative resources to provide the solutions. This, together with some of the amazing people I work with, gives me with the inspiration and the passion to help people in a variety of ways.


It could be helping them to develop new revenue streams for their businesses or advising leaseholders how to set up and run right to manage or freehold-led management companies and take greater control of their property.


I have genuinely enjoyed the past 10 years working as a Property Management Consultant based in north west London. I have found working with all of my clients - be they business owners or property owners, extremely satisfying and rewarding.

    New Business  Development      

I help identify, develop and deliver new revenue streams for businesses involved in the property market through my specially managed programmes of business development.


Phase I - Understanding your business

Analysis of existing business

Market assessment

Customer profiling – (lapsed-current-new)

Competitor analysis

Brand/product positioning

          Phase II - Planning and building the S&M strategy

          Develop Strategic plan

            Data build and management

            Define hunting grounds

            Develop the sales story

            Prepare sales tools   -  Pricing

                                                 Product information?USPs

                                                 Marketingprogramme/social media

                                                 Presentation material


                                                                                                                                                             Email/Direct marketing                            

                                      Phase III - Implementing the S&M strategy

Build social media profile

Direct mailing

Face to face appointments

Upselling – multi channel – new business – intel gathering

Closing – Issuing POs/Invoicing/Revenue collection

Developing customer loyalty

Generating new leads

the only route to recovery

When the lock-down ends, businesses will have to trade their way out of the current covid-19 enforced recession by increasing sales, especially from of new business.


This will only be achieved by the smart use of new and existing leads. There’s no doubt that lead generation has become more and more complicated — what once took a phone call or knock on a door, now takes, on average, 12 different points of contact to turn a lead into a successful sale.


I can help you by working remotely behind the scenes, setting up your campaigns, prospecting lists, developing content, and qualifying your new leads. Through a tried and tested programme of integrating content marketing, social media, and telemarketing, we can ensure that your existing sales team receives an increased pipeline of high-quality leads to convert into those important new sales.


Jeremy Grundy


 If you would like me to help grow your businees, then call me on

07889 965065 or email at Jeremy@jeremygrundy.com


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