What is Right to Manage [RTM]?


If you’re a property owner or a leaseholder living in a flat, chances are you’ve got lots of questions about how best to manage your property. Through its team of experts, ThePropertyOwner.uk will provide straightforward, independent, professional avice,  guidance and the answers to lots of your questions.


ThePropertyOwner.uk commissions and publishes a series of ongoing articles and features, written by industry experts and property owners themselves. It will build into a reference library of information and guidance on all the important aspects of property management, property law, property insurance, and property finance.


You’ll also find regular updates on the latest property news, together with a whole series of informative and humorous lifestyle articles, like the musings of Lady Marmalade – The Cat in a Flat – looking at the lighter side of block management.

We hope ThePropertyOwner.uk will provide you with everything about property that matters to you.


We would really appreciate your feedback, and the questions that you want to put to our experts. We’d also love to hear about your own stories and experiences of being a property owner.


Get in touch at: Enquiring@ThePropertyOwner.uk

Management Team

Jeremy Grundy - Publisher & Lead Consultant

Carol Cooper - Editorial & Social Media Lead


Advisory Team

Mark Chick - Partner at Bishop & Sewell LLP

                                                                           Alan Milinder - MD of Symon Smith & Partners Limited

                                                                           Adam Aiken - Financial Jounalist & Broadcaster

Steve Wylie - Property Owner & Consultant


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